2018-2019 Arena Club Aquatic Swim Groups

Posted by Arena Club Aquatics on Jun 05 2018 at 08:29AM PDT

Arena Club Aquatics
Swim Groups

The Sr. Performance Group will be swimmers 14-18. These will be the swimmers that are highly motivated to be a committed swimmer. Coach Graham will evaluate and swimmers will be placed in the right group. The group time is from 3-5pm Mon through Friday, with some Saturdays. Head Coach in this group will be Coach Betsy Graham. Coach Graham is an ASCA Level 5 Education/Performance certified Coach.
The Sr. Development Group will be our swimmers ages 13-17. This is the group that will allow for high school swimmers doing other sports to attend later practices. This will give our 8th graders and high school swimmers that need more development a practice that better fits their skill set. This group will be 4:45-6:45 Mon through Friday. The Head Coach in this Group will be Coach Graham. All swimmers will be evaluated and put in the right group.
The third group will be a 12 and under group. The main focus in this group will be centered on stroke development, technique and racing strategies. This group is designed to accommodate State swimmers as well as novice swimmers. This group will swim 6:45-8:15 Monday through Friday. The Starz development program of our 8 and under swimmers will swim from 6:45-7:30 on Tuesday and Fridays and on Sundays at 9:00-9:45. This could be subject to change. The Head Coach of these groups will be Brad Hudak. Coach Brad is an ASCA level Educated Certified Coach. The Coaching staff will evaluate the swimmers and put them in correct groups.

2018-2019 Pricing

Sr. Performance- $1617.00 /147.00 over 11 months and includes Long Course, summer league and the Grind (our dryland program) two days a week.
Sr. Development – 1408.00 / 128.00 over 11 months and includes Long Course, summer league and the Grind (our dryland program) two days a week.
12 and under- 1008.00/112.00 for 9 months.
11-12 year olds who want to do LC and the Grind $1364.00/124.00 11 months
Starz Development 8 and under- member 630.00/70.00 for 9 months. Nonmember 810/ 90.00 for 9 months.
Long Course Only 300.00

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